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First Annual #WMNSMarch

Marybyte's + Friends partners up with Love Movement Agency for National Women’s Month to celebrate women working in the community. #WMNSMarch is a movement for women to chase their dreams. We aspire to motivate women to build foundations, connect with other women and people of the same interests. #WMNSMarch promotes collectivism amongst women to further growth, especially since women are the divinity of the Earth.

Marybyte's + Friend's mission is to enlighten women of what can be done when joining forces together. We must understand our value and highlight our worth in order to progress as ONE. Combining each of our own individual, powerful forces for the biggest outcome we have ever seen as a collective!

There aren't a lot of opportunities for women to debut their craft and we want to give women a chance for brand exposure. We want to give women a space to engage and to expand their reach. Marybyte's also wants to encourage women that the Sky is the limit; that they can accomplish short and long term goals as long as they work hard and stay consistent.

Participating in our event are women within the community, who founded a brand or perform special services. Throughout the night of celebration, there is happy hour, guest speakers, live performances, vegan infused snack bar, a glam station, pop-up shops, filmed interviews and a grand raffle prize.

Join us in celebration, as acknowledge and remind everyone including women that BEING A BOSS IS EVERY DAY, NOT ONCE A YEAR!

Acuppofcake (@acuppofcake)

Acuppofcake caters gourmet desserts, mostly cupcakes, made to order with edible image printing. Known for its variety in flavors and styles, the Located in Miami/Broward area, Acuppofcake produces decadent customized cupcakes, custom cake and cake-pops and provides rental services of cupcake/cake stands.

DrpnGold (@drpngold)

DrpnGold is an urban apparel line founded in Miami, Florida. The clothing line includes trendy graphic shirts and “drpn” gold sunglasses. Check out new apparel at Shop for “new drip” by DrpnGold’s during their pop up at Marybytes + Friend’s #wmnsmarch March 9th.

Lingerie by Lust (@lingeriebylust)

Lingerie by Lust is an online boutique that features sexy intimate apparel for all sizes of women. The newly upcoming brand provides online orders for domestic shipping, pick up or delivery. Get sexy with Lingerie by Lust at Marybyte’s +Friends #wmnsmarch. Look for the table with sexy, feminine lace.

Flourished Giselle (@flourishedgiselle)

Founder of FLOURISHED, Dominique Giselle is passionate about empowering and gathering women in a therapeutic environment. Giselle makes natural body and vaginal products for women. Amongst her services of molding into a midwife, Giselle missions to Haiti where she brings donated basic necessities for women.

HighimLS (@highimLS)

Bringing the conscious vibes to the night will be a soulful creative artist from Miami. HighimLS expresses her passions through singing. Her emotional and heartfelt lyrics resonates with her acoustic sound. Performing with a live band, HighimLS will be moving the crowd at Marybyte’s + Friend’s and Love Movement’s first annual #WMNSMarch.


Closing the night will be an unique artist that has been on the rise with her debut singles “Catch a Vibe”, “Ea$t $ide”, and “DEMONS” on Apple Music. With her androgynous image and mesmerizing melody hits, she captures the modern energy of Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll, and Pop music. Catch a vibe with SNXWBXNKS as she rocks the stage March 9th at Marybyte’s & Friend’s and Love Movement’s #WMNSMarch.

Amilia (@amifaithh)

Originating from Broward, County FL is an energetic, powerful dancer that grooves to all genres of music but mostly performs hip-hop, heels and salsa. Amilia Faith has been pursuing her choreographic career with Karizma Dancers, LLC and she has also been featured in music visuals, like Broward County DJ OSOCity. Amilia’s latest project was working with Apple Music’s Kingston in his reggae summer hit video “Wine it UP” feat. Aleicia Nicole.

Oli VVV (@yeahitsolivv)

DJ, producer, and model, Oli Vi has been arousing the Florida entertainment scene since 2015, when her recorded DJ sessions went viral on twitter. Since then, DJ Oli Vi has been listed on a popular festivals and concerts. Her recent DJ set was Miami’s Best of Life festival in 2018. Look out for her new written and recorded music this year!

Begin celebrating with us by purchasing tickets and checking out this really cool music mix created by DJ Oli VVV!

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